Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"The Straight 8 Commandments"
...a Straight 8 Film shot and edited from one cartridge of Super 8.

This short film documents 3 minutes and 20 seconds in the life of our Super8 protagonist, as he pulls off a mini-heist to secure some uncut quality Super8 film stock from the hands of some nasty gangstas who just don't appreciate the art of Super-8! Serious Francis Ford Coppola fans should recognise a nod to one of his famous Godfather scenes.
...Well, two nods actually, if you include the horse head -- but that's obvious... even people who haven't seen The Godfather know about the horse head scene ;)

Working on this project with BigPlus Productions and the other actors was an absolute pleasure, and in writing and producing the soundtrack I learned a lot about the joy of Straight 8, the Straight8 competition and the Super8 community.

BigPlus Productions are a creative agency specialising in high quality customised visual media production to meet your business and creative specification. Other Super8 work by BigPlus can be found on their Youtube channel: BigPlusSuper8.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

iPhone Grime Riddim v1

re-fix of my original iPhone Riddim Track
big shout out to the original MSN riddim that came out years ago, big tune.

Release date: Jan 19, 2010

Grimey Club Remix of "The Rudest Dude"... the ripe track by Lotek

Thursday, 21 April 2011

iPhone Riddimmmmmmmm

140 bpm track made up using sounds from iPhone tones, alerts and developer packs noises

MouthOff™ iPhone App @0800styles showusyourmouthoff Rap

my rap written about the fresh animated mouths on the iPhone app "mouthoff", for the showusyourmouthoff competition. which of course i merked and took the prize money...

Download MouthOff™from iTunes:

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AppsFire APP STAR AWARDS 2010 - Call For Entries MouthOff™ Rap

Rap video by 0800styles, filmed by Lafferdog and edited by 0800styles and Ustwo.
It was a rapped call for entries for the APP STAR AWARDS 2010

The App Star Awards is a contest to highlight and reward new upcoming iPhone apps coming soon to the App Store

Original comp site here:

The good ol' Walkers Rap

My entry Rap for the Walkers Crips Flavour Cup. Filmed and edited by @Lafferdog.
American Cheeseburger was miles better than these lame comic Relief ones,I really wasn't feeling any of them. Definitely a let down, I think I had set my expectations too high...