Wednesday, 19 September 2012

"The Straight 8 Commandments"
...a Straight 8 Film shot and edited from one cartridge of Super 8.

This short film documents 3 minutes and 20 seconds in the life of our Super8 protagonist, as he pulls off a mini-heist to secure some uncut quality Super8 film stock from the hands of some nasty gangstas who just don't appreciate the art of Super-8! Serious Francis Ford Coppola fans should recognise a nod to one of his famous Godfather scenes.
...Well, two nods actually, if you include the horse head -- but that's obvious... even people who haven't seen The Godfather know about the horse head scene ;)

Working on this project with BigPlus Productions and the other actors was an absolute pleasure, and in writing and producing the soundtrack I learned a lot about the joy of Straight 8, the Straight8 competition and the Super8 community.

BigPlus Productions are a creative agency specialising in high quality customised visual media production to meet your business and creative specification. Other Super8 work by BigPlus can be found on their Youtube channel: BigPlusSuper8.